How many ‘likes’ and comments do you get?

Isn’t it weird how things turn out in the blogging world?


Just after Christmas I made the decision to do less blogging and use my time more usefully.   I participated less in the daily challenges, took fewer photos for posts, and didn’t post every day.  I explained my reasons here.    I expected my number of views and comments to tail off, dry up and come to a halt.

Then a funny thing happened…. since then, I’ve actually been getting MORE  ‘likes’ and comments than I did before.  Now, we’re not talking gazillions here, or even thousands.  My little blog was happily chugging along before Christmas getting 50 or 60 views a day, but since I’ve been blogging less, I’ve picked up more followers and definitely more views!   One day it even hit the dizzy heights of 100 views without me even posting anything!   I am amazed!

I know you shouldn’t bother about the stats, but they are interesting to look at, and also to see which posts are more popular than others.    So I’ll carry on doing what I do. But I must do some proper writing too, and start my book!


See you again soon!


9 thoughts on “How many ‘likes’ and comments do you get?

  1. Reflecting on your decision to reduce blogging, I also noticed that you are now blogging more – yes we are addicts and perhaps should joint Bloggers anonymous and say, My name is …… and I am a blogger as our opening words. There is no cure for a blogger, just perhaps some therapy. Keep blogging, I will miss you if you stop.

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    • Thanks! I think I’ve just changed my attitude to blogging. I don’t care if I miss a day now, and just post when I feel like it, instead of thinking ahead that I must post something on a certain day…..


  2. I don’t see why you feel the need to either write your book or blog. I do both – and have done so for years. Perhaps you have the idea that you need to write the entire book at once. You don’t. I generally plan to write 500-1,000 words per day on the book and post 1 blog … you might have noticed that my blogs generally tend to be heavy on visual elements, but followers still seem to like them. So, consider dividing your time.

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      • The one I’m currently working on will be Xander’s 5th Sea Purrtector book (family-friendly feline fantasy /cozy mysteries). My first 3 novels were suspense/romance, then the next 3 were sci-fantasy with an alien tiger, so it took me a while to find out where I had the most fun writing.
        Good luck figuring out what you want to do and taking the step of beginning.


  3. When I began blogging seriously, I committed to blogging every day for 4 months. I got a good following but noticed most people read and followed when I posted for the weekly photo challenges. I also try to join link-ups like weekend coffee share and thursday doors which get more eyes on the blog. Once I moved to 4x per week then 2x per week, my following grew consistently. Also, I think more people are blogging and reading now (maybe part of NY’s resolutions). Funny how it all works?

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