I want to be a pottery teacher…..

For this week’s Discover Challenge, the theme is ‘Transcript’.  We are asked to take something ephemeral and non-digital and bring it to our blog for all to enjoy and reflect on.

I found this little handwritten note, written by my daughter, Jessica, when she was ten years old.  It says…



‘Jessica was here on the 30th of October in 1992, at 10:28am, 30 seconds past.  When she is grown up, she would like to be a physiotherypst, a magician (with a magic shop) or a pottery teacher.  Signed, Jessica Lawrie.’

I love this little note so much, I keep the original in my address book.

I expect you’d like to know what she did when she grew up.   After doing her A levels at college, she went to Portsmouth University to do a degree in graphical communications.  Her first job was as a weekend assistant in the clothing store ‘Next’ where she worked for several years while at college.   After university she moved to London and worked as a graphic designer for a firm of architects for a couple of years. She then re-trained as a secondary school teacher under the graduate scheme where you train as you teach.   She got a job as an art teacher in a school in Portsmouth, eventually becoming the Head of Art.  She teaches painting and drawing, graphic design and some technology classes.

So she never quite made it as a pottery teacher, but came pretty close!   She still teaches in the same school, after getting married and having two little boys, my gorgeous grandsons.




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