Tuesday photo Challenge – kitten, hare, ape and mule….

Dutchgoesthephoto has set us a lovely Tuesday Challenge, with the theme of animals.

I’ve tried to choose more unusual animals for this theme, but couldn’t resist starting off with a cute kitten….

The first photo is of Artemis, our boat cat.  We rescued her when she was a few weeks’ old, from the Greek island of Eva.  She was stuck inside the engine of a parked truck.  She was covered in oil, and I didn’t know if she would survive, but she did, and lived happily on our yacht with us.  You can read her story here.


Next, we have a mule!


On our sailing exploits around the Greek islands, we visited Hydra.  On Hydra there are no vehicles, only mules and donkeys.

You can read about our visit to Hydra on this blog post.  There are also lots more mule photos.

Now, we are off to Gibraltar for the next photo…..


Gibraltar ape

Everyone has heard of the Gibraltar apes.  A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to see them for ourselves.  They are very cheeky and will steal food from your bag.  We even saw one go inside the cafe!


I’ve included the above photo, as I just like the photo!  We went for a walk in the olive groves on the Greek island of Paxos, and saw this lovely cockerel.

Quite close to the same place, I also spotted this hare!


At first, we thought it was a rock in the distance, so I zoomed in with my camera and discovered it was a beautiful hare.  We walked closer, but he soon jumped away, bounding into the woods….

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