What’s your morning routine?

Do you have a routine when you first log on to the internet in the morning?  Do you always look at sites in the same order?

 I have a laptop but find the iPad so much easier as you can use it anywhere. When I wake, I come downstairs, take my husband a coffee, I have tea, then I like to sit downstairs by myself and have some ‘me’ time.

I might catch up with a TV programme I recorded, or read yesterday’s paper. Then I turn on my iPad and firstly I check my emails. I have dozens of messages advertising things, trying to get me to buy insurance, book holidays, find cheap flights, look at property for sale, discounts for restaurants, the list is endless. I quickly scan through and find no personal emails.


Next, I check my wordpress blog and look at how many likes and comments I had yesterday, not that I’m obsessed with the stats, though! Although I only have a small number of followers, I look at the comments and always reply to them all. I probably wouldn’t be able to do this if I had thousands of followers though! I’ll save looking at the Reader for later….. I check whether I have any blog posts scheduled, and might look at any prompts or daily challenges that an could join in. I might even write a post, and find some photos to go with it.


Then it’s on to Facebook. I look through all the new notifications, which are mostly ‘likes’ for my photos, or comments made by friends. I might add some photos to Facebook sites I belong to, like ‘A Colour Every Week’ or various sailing or travel groups. I scan through the Newsfeed which shows recent posts from groups I belong to, I might add comments, or click through to related websites. If I’m feeling in the mood, at might do a quiz or a survey.


Next, I’ll have a brief look at some online newspapers, or check the weather. Look how cold it is in England!  5 degrees!   I can’t wait to go back to the boat in sunny Greece!  I might browse some recipes for meal ideas. I’m also attracted to Pinterest, but usually leave this until later in the day.

Finally, I’ll check to see if it’s my go on Scrabble and Words With Friends. I play with some people on the other side of the world, who obviously have their go on the games when I am asleep.


I’ve now wasted at least an hour, so I’m off to have a shower, get dressed then have some breakfast!

What’s your morning routine?


8 thoughts on “What’s your morning routine?

  1. Definitely no television, I do not even bother in the evening so much and prefer a book. Otherwise our morning routines are similar, but with the computer. I only use the iPad from a chair as a side line, although I do pay scrabble, but only against the computer. I have never played with a real live person – might venture it once against who knows. I have an apple computer as well as my microsoft, and that is very handy for sitting on a chair and writing as I do not need to be constantly plugged in.


  2. Thanks George, I get up, shower or wash, get dressed and check emails and Facebook. Then after breakfast I get on with my work on the computer. Later in the month, like starting today!, work has finished for a while, so I get on with things that need doing. Today I’m going shopping for food, returning some trousers I bought online, getting my car headlamp fixed and then I will prepare the house for the B&B we have staying tomorrow. 🙂

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  3. The only routine I have is stumble into the kitchen, start the coffee pot a’brewing, feed the 3 starving kitties, then sit at the computer for a bit to check the weather and clear out the email-box… after that? depends on weather, season, my honey-do list, my grumbling tummy… 🙂

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