Why is there an outboard motor in my kitchen?

Why is there an outboard motor in my kitchen?


My kitchen floor, with outboard….

TH (the husband) cannot leave anything alone if it is not working, or broken. Light bulb? Too easy. Blocked pump on washing machine? No problem. Vacuum cleaner? Piece of cake. Electric window opening device on car – slightly trickier, but solvable.

A friend of mine who knew that TH was good at mending things, randomly contacted me and asked if TH would look at his faulty outboard motor……an outboard motor, for goodness sake! That’s not a common everyday object, is it? Luckily, we already have our own outboard motor, but it is currently onboard our yacht in Greece. I think TH was having withdrawal symptoms from all things nautical, as we have been back in England for three months without a boat in sight.


Fandancer’ dinghy. How did that cat get there?

When my friend arrived to drop off the outboard, I swear TH was actually drooling. He held his breath and stroked it gently. There was even a fuel can, a spare spark plug and an instruction manual to go with it! He was ecstatic. He carried the motor from the car into our yard as though it was a precious baby, probably talking to it as he walked.

I have no idea why my friend has a faulty outboard motor, plus the inflatable dinghy it attaches to. He hasn’t got any need for it, he doesn’t own a yacht or boat which would make the ownership of a dinghy plus outboard useful! I don’t even think he’s ever owned a proper boat. Like any typical man, maybe he feels the need to hoard redundant items, just in case! Apparently he hasn’t used this piece of nautical transport for almost 20 years, before his daughter was born. The chances of him needing to use it in the near future are relatively slim, I would think!

Anyway, TH is going to overhaul the outboard motor and service it. He’ll have it running again in no time. I’ve seen him do this to our own outboard when we’ve been aboard our yacht. The trouble is, the contents of his whole tool kit, plus other assorted paraphanalia, were scattered everywhere for several days, and no doubt it will be the same this time. God help us if it starts to rain, he might decide to bring everything inside, instead of doing it outside in the yard, as he intended…….. I may need to leave home!


Interior of our yacht, with toolkit contents everywhere…….

Does your other half accumulate objects which are unnecessary or unusable, or take over your kitchen to fix things?


10 thoughts on “Why is there an outboard motor in my kitchen?

  1. Oh boy — anytime he wants to fiddle with something, like his bicycles, or carburetors (we drive classic cars), he does it in the livingroom in front of the TV. Or in the kitchen, with parts spread out on our glass-top stove. If I’m lucky, he’ll do his work on top of my washer and dryer. Once he’s finished fiddling, he tends to leave tools and spare parts lying wherever he had them last. He has no workbench or shed. This is my life. 😉

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    • I feel your pain! I hope he doesn’t borrow your kitchen utensils for repair jobs. I have know my husband take my best knife, chopping board, spoons etc. I think I need to lock them away!


  2. OMG, you are preaching to the choir! My hubby is Mr fixit and has projects lined up into eternity! Many of them are easy and he has wonderful intentions…I blame the NFL! And the rain. But I will say he just finished building our new backyard deck! And the only thing I asked for was for him to build me a Little Free Library…groan! I feel ya…and LOL on that cat on the boat in the one photo!!

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  3. I feel your pain! Once I asked for a little help in cleaning some paint of some yard bricks, and he ends up power washing the whole of the outside of the house and all the surrounding wall! He loves using electrical equipment. Mustn’t grumble though, he can be useful sometimes!
    And the cat is ours, she lives on our yacht with us and loves a ride in the dinghy!


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