How to diet successfully – try 5-2.

I’m starving.

I’m so hungry my stomach feels like it is eating itself. But I’m liking this feeling, I’m trying to lose weight. If I feel hungry, then surely my body must be calling in the stored fat reserves, sucking them away for energy? What did the model Kate Moss say – “Notning tastes so good as skinny feels….” I’m right with you there, Kate!


I hate talking about diets. It’s boring. They never work. People always put the weight back on again. But I need to lose weight! If you saw me, you would just think I was ‘big’. I’m quite tall, I’ve never been a skinny minny, but if you look at a weight and height charge I would fall in the ‘obese’ category. Obese! I hate that word! I don’t feel obese! Also, on those weight and height charts, my suggested weight is one which I have never ever been in the whole of my life. Except maybe when I was nine months pregnant with my first baby when I was aged 20. Since then, I’ve piled the weight on. I don’t have many photos of me at my worst – I tend to delete or edit photos so you can only see my head and shoulders!

Body Mass Index Chart - Feet and Pounds


I don’t like exercise. Never have. I played sport at school because we had to, but was never in a sports team, never volunteered to go on a charity cycle ride, abseiling, or midnight swimming. I, not really an outside person. As an adult, I joined a gym once, and quite liked working at my own pace, and I would happily swim a few lengths of the pool. But I’m lazy. I won’t drive any distance to a gym or pool, too much effort. I won’t go outside if it’s cold or raining. I did go to a ten week Pilates class once, as I could walk there. I would swing a tennis racquet if there was a convenient court.


So I’ve got to shift the weight somehow. I will go for walks, if the weather is right. We’ve done more country walks in the last few months than I’ve ever done. My optimum is around 3-4 miles, and I know this won’t turn me into the next Kate Moss supermodel, but it’s better than sitting indoors all day.

I’ve started to change my eating habits by adopting the 5-2 diet. If you haven’t heard of this, on five days of the week you eat ‘normally’ but on the other two days you only eat 500 calories each day (600 for men). Because I’m competitive and like instant results, I’ve actually adapted the diet and I do my own version – the 4-3 diet, where you are eating only 500 calories on alternate days. Six years ago I lost over 55lbs (22 kilos) in under five months by simply eating sensibly and using a smaller plate. Then put it all back on when we went to live on the boat in Greece, due to intake of beer and wine. Two years ago, i tried the 5-2 diet over the winter, and lost two stone very easily. Then in the summer went back to the boat and I put it all back on, due to Greek tavernas and cold beers. I see a recurring theme here……


So I’ve started the 5-2 diet, again. I will succeed. It takes me a long time to motivate myself to start, but I’m in the right mind set now, and I’m going for it. I started ten days ago, and already lost six pounds. Next time I’ll tell you how I’ve changed my eating habits……


5 thoughts on “How to diet successfully – try 5-2.

  1. We went on the 5:2 over 3 years ago and we’re still on it. If you accept it as something you’re always going to do it is much easier. In fact we both positively look forward to a fast day after over indulging – which we do quite a lot! I think the secret is to not make it too onerous. If you try to rush the weight loss doing more than 2 fast days a week it might make it much harder to view as something you do for the rest of your life.

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  2. Hi Cathy, that’s interesting to know! I think that’s what we will do too. I just want to shift a stone first to see some progress. I’m sure I can do this, two days a week with no beer or wine won’t kill us!


  3. I did the 5:2 diet some time ago, but I soon realised that the weight would come off better if I was quite well behaved on the ‘eating’ days as well as the ‘non-eating’ days. I have found Slimming World works for me as I like the regiment of going to class each week. I got to target just before Christmas having lost 2 stone 9 lbs. It took me for ever, as when I was away from home I just reverted back to old habits. I haven’t stuck to plan over the last few days, but will get back on track tomorrow or the next day. Well done losing 6 lbs already!


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