5 – 2 diet, the story so far…..food photos

How’s the diet going, George?

Well, I’ve lost six pounds so far, I’m convinced that my jeans are just a fraction less tight, and I’m still craving chocolate…….

I’m an all or nothing sort of person.  And I’m very competitive.  It might take me a while to get started on a project, but when I’ve started, I’ll see it through to the end.  Like dieting.    But I think it’s better to call it a ‘lifestyle change’ rather than a diet.  A diet conjures up pots of cottage cheese, celery sticks, raw carrots.

I love cooking and finding new recipes, so this is what I ate yesterday.  My husband even enjoyed them too.

For lunch I made an egg and portobello mushroom dish, on top of a slice of tomato and a bed of spinach.   Only around 100 calories, very filling and tasty! This is what the photo in the recipe looked like, and then a photo of what I made…

It was SOOO delicious.  When you are really hungry, I find my taste buds are enhanced.

to make it, you spray the large mushroom with low fat oil spray, put it under a hot grill for 4-5 minutes, turn it over, spray again, cook for a further 4-5 minutes.  Meanwhile, I cooked eggs in a non stick pan, or you could do poached eggs, and place on top of the mushroom.  I added a slice of tomato and some spinach.


I must try harder with my food photography, but I took these wuickly with my iPad.

For supper, I made one-tray cod Provençal, which looked like this in the recipe….


Photo from http://www.bybookorbycook.co.uk/recipe/tray-baked-cod-provencal/


This is what mine looked like after I served it onto the plate.


As you can see, I added some brown rice and quinoa for my husband, as he needs more calories than me, and I had a tablespoonful.  I didn’t have any olives to hand.  Again, I was so hungry, all the flavours tasted wonderful.



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