Do you remember Crayola crayons?

Crayola crayons are surely remembered by everyone, from their childhood.  Even the smell conjures up memories of me, when I was very young, sitting at my tiny wooden red desk, scribbling on thick sugar paper. 

There is a WordPress challenge called Colour Your World where every day, a different colour from the Crayola range is the prompt.  Do have a look at this site. It is fascinating to read how many different colours there are, and the amazing names they are called.   Sometimes it is quite a challenge to find a photo representing that colour.

Today’s colour is Neon Carrot.    Imagine if there was such a thing as a neon carrot!  A very bright, almost fluorescent orange.    I couldn’t find any actual carrots this colour, but I came up with these…….


Neon carrot dustbin outside a hardware shop


Neon carrot rooftops on the Greek island of Hydra


Neon carrot inflatable slide for grandson


Neon carrot carved pumpkin

Why not have a look at the other entries for Colour Your World?











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