Treasure hunt, hidden clues, let’s go geocaching!

Good Morning!

I flicked through my emails with notifications from blogs I follow, and one from flying goannas intrigued me.  She describes a day out when they went ‘geocaching’.  I roughly new what this was – a sort of treasure hunt, using a GPS device, to track down hidden ‘treasure’.   The treasure can be as small as a film cannister (for you youngsters, before the days of digital cameras, you had to buy actually film to load in your camera which was sold in small plastic canisters)


You then sign a log book, included with each find, you can exchange be a small treasure if you want, then replace the find exactly where you found it for other geocachers to discover.  You can then record your activity online on the geocache site, and make a record of all the caches you have found.


There are hundreds and thousands of these hidden around the world, there are bound to be some near you.  Next time we go for a country walk we’ll try and find some caches.   We probably passed some hidden treasure when we’ve been out for a walk recently!


I’ve known about geocaching for some years, but never tried it.    I Googled  the geocaching site  to read more about it. There’s a great deal more to it than I expected!  Then I downloaded the free app.   There is a premium upgrade which allows you to find different sorts of caches, but the free app is fine for beginners.     When geocaching first started, it required you to use a handheld GPS device, but now your phone will do it for you.


I immediately found that there are about three ordinary caches hidden within a mile or so of my house, and in Romsey town centre.   There were actually more than this, but you can only find the special ones if you upgrade to the premium app, but the free app is fine to start with.   It gives you the distance from you, directions, and the co-ordinates to find the actual position of the cache.  Sometimes they may be hidden in quite obscure places.   They even give you a clue you can reveal if you get stuck – such as,  ‘hidden in a hollow tree’ or – ‘by the water meter’.    So I am going out this afternoon to see what I can find.

Have you ever been geocaching?  Where was the most interesting cache that you found?   



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