Shadow Is the colour for the 120 day Crayola challenge.

I thought I would find some photos of actual shadows, rather than something that was the colour of the shadow crayon …….

In the winter of 2013-14, we left our yacht in Greece and came back to the UK for a short while to catch up with friends  and family.   We rented a cottage on the  Isle of Wight and I took this photo on Ryde sands, just a few hundred yards from where we stayed.  At low tide, the water goes out about half a mile, and it’s great to walk across the sands. You can see people in distance in the photo, walking at low tide.

Because the tide goes out such a long way, the Hovercraft is a very popular way to cross to Ryde from Portsmouth, as it can cross the shallow water near the beach.


The next ‘shadow’ photo was taken on one of our country walks this year.   It was a very cold, but sunny day as we started our walk in Horsebridge, near the disused railway line, which has been turned into a beautiful walk alongside the river Test.


country walk near Horsebridge.

The next batch of Crayola colours are shades of yellow…..



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