One Liner Wednesday……

Thanks to LindaGHillfor One Liner Wednesday.  It’s easy to join in!

Here’s mine ……

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers   don’t know where they’re going.”

Paul Theroux

I love this quote!   Because I live on a yacht in Greece for over half the year, I don’t consider myself a tourist – I’m definitely more of a traveller!     We never know where we are going to sail to next.    Sometimes it depends on the weather, sometimes it depends who we have got on board –   maybe friends or family members – and sometimes it just depends on what we fancy doing!

I always despair when we meet people who are on holiday in Greece, and they hardly leave the confines of their hotel or villa, and then only to venture out to a local taverna, where they order something safe like pizza and chips.  Even people on charter yachts never venture away from the harbour area that they’ve sailed to. The tourists go home a week or two later, and tell everyone they’ve ‘done Greece’.   But of course, they haven’t.  They’ve seen nothing. I want to urge them to jump on a local bus and get off in a remote village.  Or just go for a walk in the little backstreets and explore the market, or find the church.  If they have a hire car, why don’t they drive up into the mountains, sit in the village square and chat to some local people.  Even if they can’t speak much English, they will be friendly and interested to see you.


Greek fisherman at Vonitsa


Street scene, Lefkas


Local children on Hydra

The simple rules for One Liner Wednesday are:
1. Make it one sentence.
2. Try to make it either funny or inspirational.
3. Use our unique tag #1linerWeds.
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5. Have fun!



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