How’s the diet going, so far?

In my previous post, I told you about the 5-2 diet and how I need to shift some weight.

Well, I’m pleased to report that I’ve now been watching my food intake for the past 24 days, and I’ve lost 12lbs so far!     It’s not been easy, and if you offered me anything containing chocolate, or cheese, I would bite your hand off, along with the chocolate or cheese, obviously….

I’m feeling a tiny bit thinner, and my jeans are a little less tight, but I need to keep going.   I’ve got a far bit to lose, and I don’t look that different at the moment, but the scales are telling me that the weight has gone somewhere, so I’m pleased.


I’ve basically changed my eating habits completely.    No bread, potatoes, cheese, cakes, pastry, cream, sauces, fried foods, processed foods, desserts, chocolate and alcohol have passed my lips.    I never drink fizzy drinks anyway, so I don’t miss those.   My food has become a lot more colourful.   I’m eating much more vegetables, and snack on fruit instead of chocolate.



I’m enjoying researching recipes that are low calorie.   Here’s a couple of  my favourites.  I’m also obsessed with calories when I go shopping, and read the food labels on every item.    I’m stunned by how many calories everyday food items contain.   One slice of bread is over 100 calories!  A glass of fruit juice is 90 calories.    Even low fat fruit yoghurt is very calorific. Crikey!

Read this magazine article about the most calorific supermarket diet foods.






3 thoughts on “How’s the diet going, so far?

  1. Bravo! I find Slimming World really good. Great ‘free food’ recipes in the latest book I bought. Great recipes in the SW magazine too which you can buy in supermarkets. You seem to be doing well without SW though! Keep up the good work Georgie! V proud of you.


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