I’ve been housesitting, selling a house, and catching a cold….

I’ve not been blogging a lot recently, as lots of things have been happening.   For the past two weeks, we have been

housesitting and looking after cats for friends who went to Antigua on holiday.   We had a really lovely time in someone else’s house, there was lots of space, comfy chairs, smart TVs in every room, fabulous kitchen and equipment.


Photo from pixabay.com

The cats were pretty boring though.   The are brother and sister, about 11 years old, and not very friendly.   They mostly slept all day, woke for food but ran away when we went near them.   They didn’t come and sit with us or interact in any way.  They weren’t much fun.     I miss our young cat, who used to sleep on our bed, jump on my head when she wanted us to wake up, she would sit on the kitchen bench when I was cooking, drape herself over us when we were watching TV.  She used to do random things, like hiding in strange places then jumping out at you when you walked past, or bite your toes when you were sitting still.   And she was very vocal, always moaning at us to be let out, to be let in, to feed her, to clean her litter tray.


While we were house sitting, all my family came round one day, as it was my granddaughters second birthday and we had a little party for her.   It is so lovely for me to have all my four grandchildren together, and I had a lovely day.


I now have a stinking cold, sore throat, lost my voice, and a cough.    Im sure I catch every bug that the grandchildren have, but ten times worse.   So I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself for the past few days.

When we returned home, we had good news. I had an offer on my house, which has been for sale for some time.   It was slightly under what we were hoping for, but they are very keen first time buyers, so there will be no chain and hopefully it should proceed quickly.    We weren’t going to look for anything to buy immediately, and just bank the money until later in the year.   But you can’t help looking at what’s for sale, and I kept loking a property which I really liked and which was still for sale.   So when I had the offer on my property, we made a decision and put in a cheeky offer on this new property.

This morning we should hear whether they have accepted our offer…….


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