Thursday doors at the allotment….

For this week’s Thursday Doors I’ve found some traditionally British doors from an allotment.  I’m not sure whether other countries have allotments, which are smsll plots of land you rent cheaply from the Council, so you can grow your own vegetables, fruit, whatever you wish.  They are always well-tended areas, but the sheds that people put up on their allotment are always very higgledy-pigglely……


Green shed with bench



This shed door even has a number

Here’s a photo showing more of the allotment sheds……


Do you have allotments in your country?  Have you ever had an allotment?


11 thoughts on “Thursday doors at the allotment….

  1. Our community church have allotments to rent. I did it one year and could not believe how much I could grow and how much hard work it was! I loved it in the Spring, but when it got really hot, in the 90’s- 100 every day, not so much!

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  2. Here in Springfield, Illinois, we have a community garden, which is the same as an allotment, except you are not allowed to build a shed. I have always had my own garden, so never have used the community garden opportunity…

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  3. We had a little tool shed here at home.My husband mixed a bunch of leftover paint colors he found in the garage to paint it. The color turned out a funky lavender color. Sadly, we tore it down due to termites. I love your pictures of the little sheds. They add local flavor to the community plots.

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