British or American? Do you know the difference?

I’m always intrigued by the way the guys ‘over the pond’ have different words and different spellings for things, compared to us Brits.

I found this infographic  which shows the differences.     So if you are coming on holiday here soon, here’s some tips to help you understand  what we are saying!

British vs. American English: 63 Differences (Infographic)


11 thoughts on “British or American? Do you know the difference?

  1. i’m in trouble. My spelling is British more often than not but I am American! I think it comes from all the Jane Austin books…or possibly the Chesterfield books or possibly all those Agatha Christies. I do know it isn’t my fault (well not entirely) that I write this way. Maybe I should move?????

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  2. Great post. One word that they still use in the US but we have changed is the word “gotten” where we use “got” – I think “she has gotten into trouble” seems so much more correct than “she has got into trouble”! – Wouldn’t it be boring if all the world was the same?

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  3. Now I’m as British as they come, but I say flashlight instead of torch. Always have, so that’s not the influence of American telly which some youngsters have. A few years ago my daughter started saying Mall, which she pronounced moll. It had to be explained that she meant a shopping centre??? That WAS too much telly.


  4. I remember when I was in middle school I would use the British spellings of words like favorite (favourite) and color (colour) because to me it sounded (and it still does) more elegant and sophisticated and just plain pleasant to read. I would always get points taken off of my tests/quizzes/essays because I “spelled it wrong.” The crisps and chips thing has always confused me, because we call what you guys call chips fries and what you guys call crisps chips. Chips over here we sometimes call crisps, but we always say French fries (they used to be freedom fries, but still not sure about all that).


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