Lemons, tomatoes, and melon…. which is your favourite?

Juicy Is the Daily Prompt.    This makes me think of luscious fruit.  While sailing in Greece, we often see local fruit shops when we go ashore on the islands, overflowing with gorgeous fresh fruit. When we go for country walks we also see many fruit trees laden with fruit hanging from the branches – oranges, lemons, limes, peaches, pomegranates, to name some of them.

Here are some photos of juicy fruit…

An old Greek gentleman gave me these two freshly picked juicy lemons….


I saw some juicy watermelons for sale in the street….


Some juicy tomatoes were served with our meal…..


And I regret not knowing what the name of this next juicy fruit is. Anyone know?


15 thoughts on “Lemons, tomatoes, and melon…. which is your favourite?

  1. OK so I am going to ask a serious question and let me just begin with that I live in the states? If you want fruit, do you have to go to a special place to get it. In the spring and summer we can go to farmer markets and get fresh fruit but we mainly get our food at a local supermarker/foodstore. Do you have those there? -Bruce

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    • Interesting! We have farmers’ markets all the year round. In the summer you can go to farms to buy produce, or pick your own. We also have fruit and veg shops in towns. All the supermarkets have a huge range of fruit and veg, which is where I normally go.


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