Buying and selling houses….

The other day, I told you that we made a cheeky offer on a property we want to buy……

Unfortunately, the cheeky offer was refused.  Obviously just too cheeky!  So we slept on it overnight……..   in the meantime, our buyers were arranging to have a housebuyers’ survey done early next week.  We saw this as a good sign, that they were committed to buying our house, as they would have to pay for the survey.

I live in constant fear that everything will fall through and we’ll be back to square one, and have to find new buyers.


My house – someone made us an offer!

Later that afternoon, husband and I had a financial meeting, and decided that we could just about afford to increase out offer on the property we liked, if I promised to never buy any more hand bags or shoes….. so the call was made.  Unlike the TV programmes where the prospective house purchasers make an offer over the phone and get phoned back in thirty seconds with good news, we had to survive another night of tenterhooks.


I’ll miss my little garden……

Then early next morning, we had done it!   Offer accepted!   The first stage of being a new home owner had begun…….



9 thoughts on “Buying and selling houses….

  1. They say house buying and selling is the 2nd or 3rd most stressful thing that can happen to a person. I’ll leave you to work out what comes first! Maybe it’s not buying any more bags and shoes 😉


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