Moving house – heaven or hell?

How many times have you moved house?

There is a slight possibility that sometime this spring I might be moving house. This isn’t a big deal, lots of people move house every year. In fact, I’ve moved house more than 40 times in my life. It doesn’t faze me. Since I got divorced in 2002, I’ve lived in 16 different places!



But my next move hopefully will be my last. I’m going to move in to somewhere that will not have an end date. I can stay there for as long as I want! You have no idea how good this sounds to me. In the last ten years or so, I’ve known that most places I’ve lived have intentionally been short term, or had a limited lease, and that sooner or later the packing boxes will be coming out again.


This time, I might even get rid of the packing boxes! I won’t need them! I have no Intention of moving again. Of course we will still have our boat in Greece. We’ll be spending half of the year aboard Fandancer, but we will have a permanent place to come back to! This feels so good! Since we’ve had the yacht, over the last five years we have stayed in a different place each winter when we have returned to the UK. This has entailed putting our meagre belongings in storage, or leaving them with friends. We don’t have a lot of ‘stuff’. Not a lot of furniture, no attic full of possessions, no framed pictures, lamps or mirrors. No ornaments inherited from grandparents or collections of stuffed birds or stamp albums.


When I move into my new forever home, I will finally be able to collect things! I think I would like to collect teapots or little jugs. Maybe I could search antique shops for vintage garden implements. If I want dozens of cushions, I can have them. Books can pile up in the corner, and I can fill every shelf with unnecessary trinkets. I can have dozens of family photos displayed everywhere. I can hang things on the walls – artwork, tapestries, grandchildren’s precious drawings. You have no idea how thrilling this is all going to be for me. I’m starting to get excited…..



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