Most popular baby names – 2016

At the end of the year, the media are keen to tell us which names have been the most popular for naming babies.   In the UK, The Office of National Statistics has produced a list based on the official registered name on the child’s birth certificate.

There was a trend for names based on Star Wars, other sci-fi films and TV series. Other parents were influenced by

celebrity A-listers including the Beckhams, Rooneys and Jamie Oliver.  Royal names also rose in popularity, such as Harry, Charlotte and Kate. 



According to the ONS – when considering some of the more unusual names given to boys, 35 were called Rocky, and 21 were named Apollo. 18 boys were born last year for whom the movie Top Gun will take on extra resonance, because they share the name Maverick which was the nickname of Tom Cruise’s lead character.

Maybe the 15 boys called Blue could hang out with the 14 boys called Ocean. And just to be even more different, 18 boys were called Blu. At the other end of the pronunciation scale is Tymoteusz, which will be spelled out on a daily basis in future by 36 boys.

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