Pine green, forest green, who can tell?

I am enjoying the Colour Your World 120 days of Crayola challenge, but a lot of the colours are very similar and a bit repetitive.    I would have preferred them mixed up!

Who can tell the difference between orange and burnt orange?  Goldenrod and dandelion?  And now we are close to the end of the greens.   Next week it will be the turn of the turquoise blues, which are again very similar, but at least I’ll have lots of beautiful Greek Sea to show you!

Today it’s ‘Pine Green’, and here are some photos …..

First, a photo of an actual pine forest.   This was take on the island of Kalamos in Greece, an island covered in pine forests.


Pine forest, Kalamos, Greece

I’ve found a car that I think is coloured Forest Green.    This was taken on the day of a summer fete, where they had a display of vintage and collectors’ cars.




Please comment....

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