Have you eaten pancakes this week?

In a previous blog post I told you about the origins of Shrove Tuesday, and why we call it Pancake Day, or Mardi Gras.

There seems to be quite a variation in pancakes – the ones we eat in UK are traditionally thin, frying pan sized, and eaten with a sprinkling of sugar and lemon juice.    Although of course, other fillings are available…..


Whereas in the USA and other countries, they seem to be thicker, smaller, and served with lashings of cream, syrup, sugar and fruit…..


………nothing wrong with that!

Here’s a simple recipe for our good old British pancakes – 



One tradition which is still carried out, every Pancake Day, is a pancake race.

The most famous pancake race on Shrove Tuesday is held at Olney in Buckinghamshire, which has been held since 1445. The contestants, traditionally women, and often children, carry a frying pan and race over a 415-yard course to the finishing line. The rules are strict: contestants have to toss their pancake at both the start and the finish, as well as wear an apron and a scarf. Traditionally, when men want to participate, they must dress up as a housewife (usually an apron and a headscarf). The race is followed by a church service. Since 1950 Olney has competed against the women of Liberal, Kansas, USA in an international race.





9 thoughts on “Have you eaten pancakes this week?

  1. Here in the USA you can get the UK-style of pancake, as you pictured it, if you order a crepe – the traditional French version. But wait! There is more! Rolled up with a filling inside, the German type, we call them “blintzes” in the New York way, also “blini”. Then it is just a small step to the Mexican version, the “enchilada”. Not far behind that are the Chinese egg rolls. But I got to run now – I’m really hungry ….

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  2. I just made pancakes on Sunday! In Finland we also make them thin. But we eat them with jam or just sugar. I love to add whipped cream or ice cream on top too. But did you know that on Shrove Tuesday we don’t eat pancakes at all? We eat these sweet buns called PULLA filled with whipped cream and strawberry jam or marzipan!!

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