One Liner Wednesday…….

Today I’ve been feeling a bit stressed due to those lovely people called Estate Agents and Solicitors.

I’ve been trying to sell my house and nothing much seems to have been happening for a couple of weeks.   So today I phoned up my estate agent to find out what the buyers had been up to, as my solicitor had told me via email that she hadn’t received the formal instructions and necessary papers from the buyers.   My estate agent subsequently told me that they had been sent and had a letter to show this.  Hmmmm! Someone is not telling the truth!

So I thought I’d try and find a quote for One Liner Wednesday which represents how I’m feeling right now……


So I’ll just have to be patient and wait for things to happen.  Who knows if I will ever sell this house?

One Liner Wednesday

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Have fun!




7 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday…….

  1. Thanks Georgie – going through something similar, couldn’t sleep. Have read really bad reviews of the lawyers we are dealing with just now online and your post with those words cheered me up a bit. It will be sunny tomorrow and I WILL have a nice day.

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  2. I hope you can get this resolved, buying or selling a home is always just “one more headache.” I think our home buying is different from yours. Here you must be pre-qualified to even look at a home to make sure you have the money to buy it. Otherwise, people drive the realtors and and owners nuts with looking at homes they can’t possibly purchase. The bank does the pre-qualifying. Then you must have house inspected and anything not noted on pre-requisite
    forms can get you fined. Then if there are any discrepancies they must be attended to before the bank will make final loan. In all it takes at least 8 weeks if everything is in order.

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    • Thanks! That doesn’t sound too dissimilar from our system. We seem to put a lot of emphasis on getting a survey done, which will affect the mortgage you will get. The conveyancing solicitors have to do lots of searches, raise queries etc, before contracts can be exchanged. It all gets rather complicated!

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