Paths, roads, tracks, alleys, streets….

Thanks to Ailsa from wheresmybackpack for this week’s travel theme of ‘paths’.

I think everyone likes to explore a new path, so here’s some paths, tracks and roads that I’ve followed on my travels.  We’ve left our yacht Fandancer in Greece, and we’ve returned to the UK over the winter.  We’ve been enjoying some lovely country walks…….

The first path was on a recent country walk in Hampshire.


Another Hampshire walk in the New Forest near Minstead – read about it here.


Unfortunately, we can’t go down this path….. watch out for cats!


Next, some steps up to a path across the river Itchen…..


….and another bridge, plus dog! A lovely walk with friends.


Another pleasant country walk was one we did in Stockbridge, a lovely English village.


And finally, a walk we did in Greece on the the island of Paxos. We have been here many times while we sail round Greece on our yacht Fandancer and this is probably our favourite island.



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