Good Morning! Whatare you up to, today?

Good Morning!

I woke at 5.35am and I knew I wouldn’t go back to sleep.  The daylight creeps in earlier and earlier, and the traffic starts building up.    I can only sleep if it is pitch black and deadly quiet.   So I lay there dozing for a while, then Tim started snoring, so I decided to get up.

I made a cup of tea, and watched TV for a while, checked my emails, paid a bill on line. After a shower and a bowl of cereal, I’m now fully dressed and it feels like about 2.30pm, but is only 9.15am!  It’s going to be a long day…

I shall do some sewing shortly, in the spare room upstairs.  I have to measure for some zips for pillow cases I’m making.  I also have an order from my grand-daughter to make some new clothes for the dolls which love with me, which she plays with when she visits.


This afternoon I have an optician’s appointment, and won’t be surprised if I need new glasses, my eyes are very bad.  I might see if I can get my hair cut too, as I am looking like a mad scientist with white curly hair, and that is not a good look.

Weight loss is still going well – twenty pounds has disappeared somewhere, which is good.   My best jeans with Lycra were once skin tight and hurt when I wore them, but now they are falling down over my hips.   I’m still missing chocolate, bread, and cheese, but I am determined to keep going.   I’ve had no alcohol since January, and I think has really helped, we used to often have a bottle of wine with a meal.  A glass of wine is over 100 calories, and a slice of bread is about the same, and cheese has hundreds of calories, so if I can forego these luxuries it will do me good.


I’m also waiting to hear back from the solicitors, who should shortly be giving me a moving date!



3 thoughts on “Good Morning! Whatare you up to, today?

  1. I like that elephant fabric! You have dolls which love with you? Mmmmmm interesting! 🙂 Well done with the weight loss! Let’s hope the solicitors get in touch soon!


    • Hi! I know exactly what you mean! It’s a shame we have to give up our very favourite things – for me, it’s wine, chocolate and cheese! And bread, pasta, puddings ……..etc etc


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