A new home by the beach……

Although I haven’t written anything for over a month, I’m surprised and honoured that people are still reading my past posts, and I’ve even gained new followers!

Things have been pretty hectic over the last month, due to selling a house, moving out and squatting with a friend for a fortnight, then completing the purchase on our new property, then moving in.   We did all the packing and moving by ourselves, which was quite tiring and difficult and I wouldn’t recommend it….


We moved in exactly a week ago, and everything is good.  We have bought a lovely two bedroom garden flat – part of a large Victorian building, just ten five mi items walk from the fabulous beach.   Our flat is spacious, with a lovely private garden which even has a little pond, a man shed for the husband, a decked area for my sunlounger, and indoors we have a sunny conservatory and a log burner in the sitting room.


Altnough it is perfectly habitable, husband has made a long list of jobs he wants to do.  We are still planning to go back to Greece soon, so we can spend the summer on our boat floating sround the Greek islands.   So watch this space…..




14 thoughts on “A new home by the beach……

  1. so very happy about the flat. Is that your front door? LOVE it! I adore ancient looking buildings and it looks like you lucked out with that one. Where is the little tower building? Oh I am so glad you are back, even if it is just for a little while.

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