Sailing in Greece again….

Now that I’ve decided to do some more blogging, here’s a quick summary of what’s been going on since we were last on the water……

We left Fandancer in the boatyard in Preveza again, and returned to England late September last year.


We moved into my empty rental property in Romsey, Hampshire, and decided to sell the house, after first doing some interior and exterior  renovation.

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After a false start, and choosing a different estate agent, we accepted an offer on the property, and sold in April.  We decided to move to the Isle of Wight – partly for financial reasons so we would be mortgage-free, but also as we really liked the islsnd and knew it well.

We love our garden flat in Ryde, which is five minutes walk from the beach and town, and easy access to ferries and hovercraft.


Once again, Tim put on his red boiler suit and set to work, making shutters for the windows, re-instating an internal door, a new outside water tap, plus many other small jobs.   I set to work on the garden, and quickly filled up bags with weeds, and clippings from pruning shrubs and plants.



Tim returned to Fandancer in Greece at the beginning of June.  Although it was too hot to wear his red suit, he did a great deal of work on the boat, including installing new batteries, new seacocks, water pipes, electrical work, and much general maintenance inside and out.

Meanwhile, I was really enjoying living on the Isle of Wight.  I joined a walking group, and an AquaFit class at the local pool.   I visited The Needles, Ventnor Botanical Gardens and Bembridge Windmill.   I also managed to fit in several trips over to the mainland to visit friends, and babysit for grandchildren.   I also made a rather spectacular birthday cake for two-year-old Charlie….


Soon it was time for me to lock up the flat and return to Greece.   Which is where I am now, onboard, sitting in the cockpit as the sun sets……

So I’m almost up to speed!   Next time I’ll tell you about what’s been happening since I returned to Greece.



10 thoughts on “Sailing in Greece again….

  1. It is wonderful that once again I can look forward to touring around Greece on board Fandancer. Any other way is not in the cards for us. Your photos and stories, however, are more than a good substitute, they are a delight – like being there.

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