Carnival time in Lefkas, Greece.

After leaving the boatyard at Preveza, we motored south and waited for the swing bridge to open.  Lefkas is an island, joined to the mainland by one narrow bridge, which swings round once an hour to let the boats through.


Waiting for the bridge to open

We found a space on the quay, which is close to a busy road, not the best location.  But as Tim was not feeling well enough to inflate our dinghy and get the outboard motor going, it was the best option.    He suffers badly from rheumatoid arthritis, and although it is usually well controlled by various medications, it occasionally flares up badly.   He had recently done four weeks of very physical work on the boat, so it was a good time for him to rest!

Lefkas canal

The decorated street by the canal.

The first evening, we walked the short distance into Lefkas old town, and while we were sitting in the square, a procession of musicians and costumed dancers came right down the street in front of us.    They were part of the Canal Festival which we had seen advertised.


Musicians from the festival 

After the sun went down, the music festival began.   It was very picturesque, with a stage built right over the water at the canalside.   There were a variety of acts, which started with school children releasing floating balloons and candles, followed by gymnasts, modern dancers, people in folk costumes and highly decorated boats.

One of the boats carried actors dressed up as sea monsters or gorgons.    We did not really fully understand the theme of the carnival, but it was very well organised, well supported and everyone enjoyed an excellent evening’s entertainment.


One of the gorgons in the street parade.


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