A perfect Greek anchorage, and a long walk……

After escaping the hustle and bustle of Lefkas, we headed southwards down the Lefkas canal.   This area has been extensively dredged over the past few years, and new red and green channel markers installed.  Dozens of yachts use this channel every day, heading south to the inland sea, or north to Lefkas.


Traditional fishing in the Lefkas channel

As soon as we passed the last red and green channel marks, the water deepened, and we turned to port, heading for the bay at Varko.  This area has also become more popular over the years, with little beach resorts and also a fish farm appearing.


We anchored off the beach, where there is a small taverna, and a path through to the Porto Varko holiday complex, which never seems to be busy.  The grounds are lovely and well tended, and there is a little restaurant where we ate that evening.    They didn’t have a menu, we were told what had been cooked that day by the Greek mother, and we shared a greek salad, briam (mixed vegetables cooked in the oven with olive oil) and pork cooked in the oven with rice.


Fandancer moored at Varko bay.

The next morning, as Tim was feeling very much better, I suggested a walk to the nearby village of Pogonia.  I knew nothing about the place, except I kept calling it Patagonia, which is some country in South America.  I had this image of women walking round in brightly coloured bend knitted ponchos and big felt hats, leading hairy llamas…..


Google maps said it was 5km to Patagonia…..

The walk was mostly on a main road, but there was virtually no traffic.  It took us almost exactly one hour and seven minutes, which is what Google told us.  The village was fairly unimpressive – I thought there might be some ancient buildings to investigate, but it was all rather boring.   Thankfully we found a cafe bar, where we enjoyed an iced coffee, much to the amusement of half a dozen old Greek men, who obviously gathered here every morning.  We decided to see if we could get a lift back to Varko, but none of the few cars we tried to flag down as we started walking would stop, so we ended up walking the whole way back too, in the midday sun, but we survived to fight another day……



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