Do you prefer to be at anchor, or in a harbour?

We are currently anchored, but have long lines tied to the shore, on Meganissi island in a little bay with other yachts.  

It may shock a lot of my fellow sailors, but I’m really not the sort of person who enjoys being at anchor for any length of time.   I find one night enough. After two, I’m beginning to get twitchy and grumpy.   It would be torture for me if we were anchored in the same place for four or five nights, or indeed, we had to sail non-stop for several days, but my husband would love it.


Anchored with long lines taken ashore, Meganissi, Greece

Here’s why I dislike being at anchor …

It is a lot of effort to launch the dinghy and attach the outboard motor. Yes, pure laziness on my part….. Even more effort to get the dinghy and outboard back on board the boat afterwards, as we rely on sheer manpower.  Of course, the dinghy usually stays in the water and we tow it behind us if we are going a short distance on the yacht under motor, but we remove the outboard.

My husband is a bit of a control freak when it comes to the dinghy, and it seems to stress him out if I express an interest in taking the dinghy ashore by myself. “Let me just help you start the motor, it can be very temperamental”, or – “it might be tricky to get out of the dinghy by those rocks, I’ll take you ashore, or come with you and help”.   Which is very sweet of him, but he wants to be in charge of the dinghy all the time, so now I’ve just given up and I let him be in charge of the wretched thing if he wants.


Artemis, our Greek cat, also loves the dinghy….

When at anchor for more than a day or two, I find there’s nowhere really comfortable to sit.  You don’t want to be cooped up in the saloon down below, or in the aft cabin where we sleep, but on deck it’s very uncomfortable, and even in the cockpit where we have some cushions, my back complains terribly after an hour or two.


I much prefer a gangplank!

I find it very claustrophobic being on board for any length of time.   I need to get off the boat and stretch my legs.   Yes, I can swim off the boat as much as I want, but I need to see other humans, talk to people, and look at things!  It’s very nice being the only boat in a sheltered cove for a day or two, but then I get bored and need to do something different, I can’t even go and buy an ice cream!


Yachts on the harbour wall…….

My husband would quite happily anchor some distance from any other yacht and not have to talk to anyone, never go ashore, and spend many days doing nothing except read and sunbathe, whereas I get bored, especially with no-one to talk to!  I’m such an ungrateful old woman, yes I know……

I love being in a nice harbour as I can get off the boat early in the morning by myself before the husband is up.   I can go off by myself, and wander and take photos, and explore the little streets. I can find a nice cafe, buy a coffee and chat to people.

Im just feeling a bit grumpy today. Maybe I’m not really a boat person after all…..


9 thoughts on “Do you prefer to be at anchor, or in a harbour?

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  2. Hi Georgie….found your post through Mary Grace’s blog post. I’ve found that getting to shore myself with the dinghy is a big issue, especially if there’s no dock. We are cruising the South Pacific, and I love being at anchor, but having a kayak or paddleboard that you can carry yourself, easily drag to shore and deploy from the boat makes a HUGE difference. Hope you enjoy a bit more.

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  3. Thanks for finding me, and for your kind comments. I think it would make a good comedy film if I ever tried getting in or out of a canoe, or tried a paddle board! I’m too old for that! I’ll stick to going ashore when we are in a little greek harbour…..
    Sailing in the South Pacific must be amazing!

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