Everything comes in threes…..

This isn’t really a sailing related post, but three good things have happened to me this week and I just wanted to share them…..

  1.  Firstly, I’m really really pleased that I’ve got my blog up and running again, and although I only have a tiny amount of regular followers, I am so very pleased to see some familiar names still out there, making nice comments.  Too many lovely bloggers to mention, but thank you Letters from AthensLudwigLizmcqueensartundiscoveredimages, the wonderful Suze, and runninginmyhead.   If you haven’t come across these blogs before, then please take a look, as they are fabulous, and will always reply to comments.


2.   The second good thing that happened to me this week, is that I’ve been asked to be a regular contributor to a sailing holiday website, based in Germany.

It’s called Zizoo, and not only can you book a charter boat holiday through them in many locations, but on their site they give useful information about itineraries, destination guides, life aboard a yacht, etc.    I will be contributing to all of these which relate to Greece.   I had several articles published on their site last year, and now they want me to do something for them regularly.

3.  Finally, just a final accomplishment which was a very satisfactory outcome for me – I have won my case against Virgin Media, a UK based TV and Broadband company, with whom I have been having a battle for the last six months as they were trying to charge me almost £200 early disconnection fee when I moved house in April.


They could not provide any service at my new address but were forcing me to pay the fee even though I wanted to use the service which they couldn’t provide.   Letters were flying back and forward, I wouldn’t pay up, and eventually  my case had to go to arbitration, and yesterday I’ve heard that the independent adjudicator has ruled in my favour, and I don’t have to pay, wooo!    Once I get the bit between my teeth, I won’t give up, and I’m pleased I persevered with all the legal paperwork etc.   A victory for the customer!

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