Where in Greece is Mitikas?

Beautiful places are coming thick and fast now – I’ve had to miss out Paleros and Vathi – I’ll return to them later….


Harbour at Vathi, Meganisi

We are now in the harbour in the very greek town of Mitikas.   No British people ever come here, unless on a yacht, and very few yachts visit, I don’t know why.  This is one of our favourite places!   We’ve been here four times over the last few years.

It’s too hot to write much, I’ll just let you look at some photos I took this morning….


Just like that movie ‘Shirley Valentine’…….


Boat on the beach, Mitikas.


A very photogenic taverna, right on the seafront.


Fandancer in Mitikas harbour


Such wonderful colours……


There are several places called Mitikas in Greece. Here we are…..

I’m off for a siesta now!

5 thoughts on “Where in Greece is Mitikas?

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