Five Greek islands – sailing in the Ionian….

Since we launched Fandancer  and left the boatyard in Preveza on 19 July (a bit late this year, due to moving house to the Isle of Wight in the UK), we have been to five Greek islands and two lovely mainland harbours.  The islands we have visited so far this year are Lefkas, Meganissi, Kastos, Kalamos and Ithaca. The mainland harbours have been Paleros and Mitikas.


I was hoping to write a blog post every day, as a diary to help me remember where we have been, but with all the swimming sunbathing, walking, as well as the actual boat handling, I’ve failed in my quest …… also the wifi can be a bit iffy on these Greek islands……


We are currently moored in the lovely harbour of Kioni, Ithaca, one of our favourite places.  We have been here many times before.   It is a beautiful place, and very popular with anyone with a boat – cruising folk like us, charter yachts, flotillas, day trips from neighbouring islands, huge gin palaces.    We love watching the hustle and bustle of the harbour – boats jostling for space, anchors getting crossed, trip boats disgorging their customers.  There’s always so much to watch.


Kioni bakery

Sometimes, I say to Tim, “it’s just like being on holiday!” But we’re not really on holiday, we just happen to live on our yacht in Greece.  Here’s four reasons today why we definitely don’t feel like we are on holiday….

  1.  We had to fill up Fandancer with water, which involves negotiating with a little greek guy at the end of the harbour, fetching his hose along the quay, sitting by the water infil thingy on deck in the scorching sun until the tanks are full.   And paying the extortionate sum of 12 euros……

2. Dealing with two crossed anchors – when we arrived yesterday, boats either side of us had laid their anchor at very strange angles. Meaning we couldn’t help but cross their chain when we dropped ours.    As they left before us, they had to find a way to remove our chain from theirs, so they could pull up their anchor.

There is an easy way to do this, and we can do this quickly and efficiently, but many people stand on the bow of their boat just staring at their chain, in the vague hope it will untangle itself…… people on flotilla boats are helped immediately by one of their support guys, but others have to figure it out for themselves.   This can result in much shouting between the two boats involved.

3. This morning, as we had plenty of water, I had to spend some time hand washing some items, tee shirts, shorts, knickers, bras, sarong etc  – now, this may not seem a big problem if you only do this once in a blue moon, but Washing is not one of my favourite jobs…….

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

4. We think we have a stowaway on board,.….. the same thing happened last year    and we dealt with it – it’s a rat!    About 6am every morning he seems to be most active.  I can hear him gnawing at something.  We never see him, but we know he’s there.  The other day he ate through a sack of rubbish, waiting to be taken ashore.     So now we’ve got to set a trap……

Have you ever ever been to the Greek islands? Which was your favourite, and why?






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