We found some wind at Vassiliki, and lots of windsurfers……



Waterfront at Kioni

We motored from Kioni on Ithaca and arrived at Vassiliki on the south coast of Lefkas island.   Vassiliki is known as one if the premier windsurfing locations in Europe, as the afternoon wind is predictable and steady.   The sight of hundreds of windsurfers and dinghies zipping back and forwards in the bay, is breath-taking .

There is construction work being done in the harbour, with the inner harbour for yachts being eventually protected by a new breakwater.  Unfortunately the harbour is rather shallow, but as Fandancer has a 1.4m keel, it is fine for us.

We have been to Vassiliki several times by yacht, and it is a charming, Greek holiday destination.   One end of the beach is dominated by the water sports centres, but we had a pleasant morning walk as far along as Ponti, at the far end of the beach, under the backdrop of the very steep hill slopes.   Unfortunately, the approach to the windsurfing centre is currently spoiled by the construction of a new approach road along the beach, which will eventually be paved and make a nice feature, but there are currently piles of rubble, bricks etc waiting to be used, making it all rather unattractive.


The little town of Vassiliki itself, just back from the harbour, is much prettier and busier than ever.   Many cafes and tavernas hug the waterfront, and there seemed to be more gift shops  along the main road.   I bought a new snorkel and mask to replace our sun damaged one.  We found a lovely fruit and veg shop, and an excellent butcher’s shop, although a whole fresh chicken was rather expensive.  But at least it will last us for at least three meals.

We left Vassiliki just before 2pm and had a lovely sail around the southern end of Zlefkas, then north up the Meganissi channel.  We are now at anchor in the lovely bay at Desimou.


Have you ever been windsurfing?   Is it difficult?



5 thoughts on “We found some wind at Vassiliki, and lots of windsurfers……

  1. Nice blog. Wish I was back there right now! No, never tried windsurfing. It would take too long to learn, and then, the next time, a year later probably, I would be back to my normal rubbish self! ha ha


  2. I think I’ve reached the happy stage of life where I don’t feel any inclination, or pressure for that matter, to try water sports. I can appreciate the asthetics and grace of wind/kite surfing without having to make a fool of myself or suffer injury which I know would be the reality f I did attempt it. Never say never, I suppose, but I’m happy to confine myself to watching and taking photographs.


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