Release the lines, unfurl the sails, and head out sea…..

 The Daily Prompt – Unfurl – captured my imagination today, as I live on a yacht over the summer months, and there’s nothing better than unfurling the sails and switching off the engine…..

A lot of the time in Greece over the summer, it is very calm in the morning, but an afternoon sea breeze comes up at about 3pm for a couple of hours.  We had a great sail the other day from Vassiliki on the south coast of Lefkas, up to the bay at Desimi, where we anchored off the beach.  Vassiliki is a renowned watersports centre, especially for windsurfing.


I took some more photos of windsurfers and dinghies when we were moored at Paleros, and at walked along to Vounaki.

Its very hard to get photos of your own boat when it’s sailing, (although the featured image at the top of this post is of our yacht Fandancer) so here’s some shots I took of the Round the Island race when I was on the Isle of Wight  in June…..

Have you ever been sailing?

4 thoughts on “Release the lines, unfurl the sails, and head out sea…..

  1. The first time I went sailing was off the Suffolk coast with some old friends. Don’t keep in touch any longer though. Then the only times since have been with you, and I absolutely loved it!

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