Why are Greek taverna chairs so uncomfortable?

I don’t think there is a definite answer to this question, which has been
puzzling visitors to Greece for ages.  If you know the answer, then please share it with us!


Greek chair, Paleros

I think Greek taverna chairs are beautiful, in their own right, although they are definitely not comfortable.  I always try to remember to take a scarf, or shawl to sit on when I have to use a taverna chair.  But what could be more representative of Greece, than a wooden chair with a woven rush seat, painted white or blue?  However, some Greeks would disagree about them not being comfortable – read one such article  here.


Greek chairs in Athens

Greek taverna chairs are described as having comfortable rush seating which gives ventilation, the back slats give support when you are sitting, and the supporting struts give you something to rest your feet on.  Here’s another link which is in favour of the traditional Greek chair. However, I’ve never enjoyed sitting on one!


Greek chairs and tables, Vathi

They’ve certainly been around for a very long time, and unlikely to be redesigned in years to come.   But maybe things are changing – some visitors tend to prefer a comfortable padded seat when they drink their morning coffee, and are happy to leave the traditional Greek chairs to the old men in the kafeneion…..


Here’s another question – Why are greek buildings blue and white?



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