A little corner of Greece…..

This week’s photo challenge is Corner.

Greece is such a photogenic place. Every time you turn a corner, there’s something wonderful to see.  Here’s a few photos from when I turned the corner….


A pretty taverna around a corner in Fiskardo…….

Next, a view over the rooftops at Poros.


In Corfu, I turned the corner and saw this beautiful window…..


On the island of Skyros there was a pretty street around the corner…….

Skyros chora

Skyros chora

On the island of Hydra a man on a mule came around the corner……


……and on Trikeri island we met two priests as we turned a corner.


Finally, back to Corfu, and another stunning view around the corner…..



9 thoughts on “A little corner of Greece…..

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  4. I;m so longing for a trip to Greece. I have only been to Athens, but never on the islands. And they are the perfect summer destination.

    I see you have been to quite a few islands, which one would you reccommend to start with?

    Here is alos my travel blog, would love to have your support and follow as you have mine.


    Cheers from Romania


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