A treacherous downhill walk, where we meet some Greek cows, and finally see the sign…

Remember I told you about our cross-country uphill walk to a deserted Greek village? Here’s what happened on our route back……
To cut a long story short, my husband, the expert map reader, missed the track. Mainly because we were distracted by some local cows who came out of the bushes in front of us, and walked ahead for some distance. Instead of turning off to the right, we walked on a fairly large road, which seemed easier, but was taking us away from our destination.


Tim then decided we should go off piste and take a gravel track which branched off from the main road and head downhill through trees, hopefully ending up at the harbour, far below us. There seemed to be a visible narrow path to start with, but it was very stony and not easy to walk on. Eventually we reached a huge pylon, and I decided the path stopped there, as we could not see any obvious track from this point onwards.

As we had already come about a kilometre down the steep and treacherous path, the idea of retracing our steps was unthinkable. We had to carry on. Tim led the way and we stumbled downwards over small loose boulders, stones and shingle. It was horrendous.

I was scared I would stumble and and twist my ankle, or even worse, break my leg. I was thinking of the worst case scenario, if either of us needed medical help, how long would it be until we were found? No one knew where we were, and it would be impossible to reach us! We would be eaten by goats or wolves. I didn’t have the phone number of anyone local, and I didn’t even know whether dialling 999 would reach emergency services in Greece.


We staggered on. The terrain got steeper, I was actually quite scared. We still had some distance to go, but we had to keep going. At one point I had to sit down in the shade of an olive tree for ten minutes and drink the last teaspoon of water. Yes, we were foolhardy. Yes, we maybe should not have attempted the walk downwards without proper preparation or equipment…..


Eventually our nightmare walk ended, and we reached flatter ground near an olive grove. I did think for one minute that we wouldn’t get through a padlocked gate, but we eventually found an opening in the fence. We had reached the road about 2km from the harbour, so we still had some distance to go. And guess what! There was a sign! I’m not sure if it was the one that the police-lady had intended, but there was a sign!

Finally we reached the outskirts of the harbour village of Sagiada and collapsed in the tiny bar next to a shop for a cold drink. We quickly emptied a jug of cold water, then treated ourselves to a cold beer for recovery purposes. Often in these genuine greek bars and cafes, they bring you a free meze or snack with your drink. It could be anything from a bowl of peanuts, some little fried fish, or some melon. This time we were surprised and pleased to be given a small plate of a left-over pasta dish. Never had some carbohydrates been so welcoming!

Have you ever got lost on a walk?

4 thoughts on “A treacherous downhill walk, where we meet some Greek cows, and finally see the sign…

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