Benitses – an unfinished marina in Greece….

We are back in Benitses. I think we have been here on Fandancer for the last four years running. Read about our previous exploits here. It’s a harbour/marina on Corfu, just south of the main town, a few miles from the airport, and there’s always a great view of planes on their last approach to the runway.


But the harbour is one of these disused Greek marinas – huge amounts of euros, millions of euros – have been provided to set this up as a going concern, but we heard that unless it actually gets finished and they start collecting money, the Greeks don’t have to pay back the loan!


The marina at Benitses is not fully operational

We’ve been to several of these disused marinas across Greece – the infrastructure is here, there are facilities for water and electricity, even a shower block and office! The latter are locked up and never been used, and the electricity and water are never been connected.


Fandancer on the disused marina at Benitses

These type of marinas attract local boat owners who want somewhere to keep their boats for free. Some even live on their boats all year round here, and take advantage of no harbour fees to pay… but they can never leave, or someone will take their space! The problem is that there are very few spaces left for visiting yachts, such as ourselves. I think we secured the last berth in the harbour. We are lying side-to on the end of a concrete pontoon. But we are very secure, a short stroll to the town, and we can use our water pots to fill our tanks by taking them over to the village square.


Husband filling water pots at the tap in the village square, Benitses

It’s hard to understand why the marina will never be finished – they could attract some serious money to the town and improve the attractiveness of Benitses as a yachting destination. There are few places on the east coast of Corfu where yachts can fill up with water, but Corfu has lots of available water, it rains heavily all through the winter months.

DSC06829 It is also an excellent place for a safe berth when the weather is bad. But these so-called marinas seem to end up being left to decay – there is no-one to look after them, and they will eventually become derelict. On the Benitses town website they are enthusing about the marina and claim it will be finished soon, but it was written in 2014 and in our experience they are never finished………


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