October in the Greek Islands

It’s almost the end of the first week of October, and this is the latest we’ve stayed afloat in Greece for some years, on our yacht Fandancer. Previously we’ve put her back in the boatyard for the winter and flown back to the UK a couple of weeks earlier.

There’s no special reason for us staying in Greece for longer this year – it’s true we didn’t arrive in Greece until a month or so after we normally do, due to moving house, but also we have had visitors aboard, and I returned to the UK for a brief trip recently, so it made sense to make it the middle of October this year.


Many boats at anchor in Lakka in August

Then last week we got the news that the airline we had booked with – Monarch – have gone bust and are no longer trading! All flights are grounded and alternative arrangements have to be made………
Luckily I managed to book some flights to Heathrow with Aegean Airlines, via Athens. More expense, but can’t be helped. And we’ll be leaving three days earlier than originally planned.


We are currently in Lakka, on Paxos, which in the summer mo this is a magnet for yachts. Sometimes in Summer it is impossible to find a suitable spot to anchor, never mind a space on the quay. Flotillas arrive here every day during the high season, and all sorts of charter yachts make this one of their ‘must see’ destinations. The restaurants and tavernas are packed, the little shops are full of tourists who arrive on the daily trip boats from other ports.


Not so many yachts in Lakka in October

Some yachtsmen avoid the Ionian in July and August, and may even return to the UK, to avoid the heat, as well as the busy harbours. But we would never do that, we’re made of stronger stuff! We love the heat, and love the busy harbours, people watching, and all the coming and going of yachts.


Now, only a few tourists are left, the tavernas and little shops are starting to close down, and there’s only a handful of yachts left in the harbour. The weather is much more changeable – it can be full sunshine one day, then a thunderstorm the next. If you wanted a late holiday on Paxos, it would still be perfect – we even saw people in the sea today, although we no longer have the urge to take a dip!


Only a few tourists left in Lakka now…..


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