Thursday Doors in Greece – again!

This will be my last series of doors from Greece for a while, as this time next week I’ll be back in the UK.  We’ve been floating around the Greek Islands all summer on our yacht Fandancer, but now we must leave her for the winter….

My Thursday Doors this week are all related to Greek churches……

Processed with Snapseed.

I do not know what the leaves represent….

– does anyone know what the leaves round the door signify?


Old stonework around a church door on Paxos



C53ACF8D-CAB8-4606-BAF0-B86596DE3F0BProcessed with Snapseed.AB24E5AA-A4B8-4EBA-A503-8FCBAF7AB8A7

Thursday Doors – why not join in and show us some doors?

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