The sailing season in Greece is over….

The sailing season is over.  We are no longer in Greece.  

Fandancer came out of the water on Friday, and is now in her winter home in the boatyard at Preveza, Greece. She was lifted out, had her bottom scrubbed, put on a trailer, and positioned in her usual space in the boatyard.


The 50 ton hoist can easily lift 12 ton Fandancer


Fandancer gets her bottom scrubbed



I won’t lie, I’m very pleased to be back in our home in the UK.  The last few days in the boatyard are always stressful, there is so much to do, so much mess everywhere, Andy it’s touch and go whether everything will get done, but of course it always does.  There’s only a limited amount of help I can provide – Tim has to do all the technical jobs himself, so I am relegated to making the coffee and doing the girly jobs like cleaning out the food lockers, storing the bedding and towels, and doing any final washing.


I certainly won’t miss washing clothes in a bucket!



6 thoughts on “The sailing season in Greece is over….

      • Well I think u have done fine before (not sure if u know me that well but I have followed ur blog on and off for a little bit now and I think I went back to England with you in a few posts) and you can keep sharing about family and then maybe flashback with some nice Greece sunsets as the good lord leads ! Hah

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