Can you recommend some blogging prompts?

Well, we made it.  We’ve left our yacht Fandancer in Greece for the winter.  She’s in the boatyard and we flew back to London on Sunday, then took a coach, a train, a catamaran ferry then another train to get to our home in Ryde, Isle of Wight.


We’ve only lived here since April 2017, then by July we had left, and headed back to Greece for the summer.   So it’s like being back in a new/different home for the first time.   The garden – we’ll, what can I say?  Imagine a green, tropical jungle, the grass was two feet high, the weeds were diabolical, the Passion flower had grown over the window shutters, the honeysuckle was strangling the fence.   So for the last few days I’ve been outside with the secateurs, rubbish bags and mower, trying to tame the tiny jungle.


While we were away, we parked our very old car in a storage facility in East Cowes. So I sent Tim on the bus yesterday to collect the car and bring it back home.  Hooray!  It started first time, no flat tyres.    It smelt a bit damp inside, as it is a very old car, and was covered with bird droppings….

The central heating boiler wouldn’t fire up when we got back.  Luckily, it wasn’t freezing, and we could do without a shower for one day.  Tim likes to think that he can fix, mend, repair anything in sight.  And he usually can.  But he is not a central heating expert….. So he started disassembling the boiler.


Finally, very grudgingly he had to admit defeat and give up, as I predicted, and I had to arrange for a gas engineer to call.  The boiler had simply got damp through lack of use over the summer, which required the fan to be replaced.  Huge amount of money!  Tim said that paying for the repair was my birthday present, so I won’t be expecting any gifts to open in a few weeks’ time…


As I won’t have any Greek stories to report for the next few months, I thought I might look for some weekly or daily blogging prompts to respond to – I already participate in Thursday Doors, but do you know of any others I might like? How can I find them? Words or pictures, I don’t mind…….

5 thoughts on “Can you recommend some blogging prompts?

  1. I also use the dailypost prompt, especially the weekly photo challenge. Also I did one of their BloggingU courses and one of the activities on that is to brainstorm a whole bunch of ideas to use when inspiration is scarce. Just sit down and write all the things that pop into your brain for five minutes … voila, a list of prompts. 🙂

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  2. Hi GM – I will be back later – but real quick wanted to let you know I once made a page with a handful of blog challenges and so I will see if I still have it and link it.
    cee neurner also has a list on her blog.
    And the one I joined with the Yes song – is called
    “What pegman saw” and it is a flash fiction challenge- 150 words or less –
    And then you might already know – but the Friday Fictioneers has been around for a long while –

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