Bricks and stones in black and white…..

Cee’s Black and White Challenge -bricks and stones

Sometimes, photos change their character completely when they are in black and white.  The detail and texture of bricks and stones especially lend themselves to this.

My first photo was taken on the island of Kalamos in Greece, where there was a ruined olive pressing factory.  The texture of the stone really shows up in black and white.


My next photo was taken at Trinity College, University of Oxford and is the entrance to the Dean’s house.  The old stone steps and door surround are em0hasised in black and white.


The next photo was taken this week at Osborne House, the Isle of Wight home of Queen Victoria, until she died there in 1901.  She liked to sit in this stone shelter, which overlooks the formal gardens.


Finally, here is part of a ruined abbey or priory, also on the Isle of Wight, where I am living over the winter.


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