Walking on the Isle of Wight

If you had asked me a year ago to volunteer to go on a seven mile walk in the country, I probably would have curled up and laughed, or punched you in the head.   I’ve never been a walker, I’m basically a lazy person, never been sporty, resist all forms of exercise, even watching sport on TV would wear me out. 


But now,  I positively look forward to going for a walk, and will happily walk four or five miles several times a week.   What has caused this huge change in my lifestyle, you ask?   Well, I did lose a lot of weight last year, which certainly helped with the walking.   After moving house to the Isle of Wight a year ago, I decided to join a walking group, which meets once a week, and we usually walk between four and seven miles each time.  It is advertised as a Health Walk, to encourage people to move more, get out and about, increase their fitness, and have fun.


Today, 35 of us left St Helens and our destination was the Wonky Cafe on the beach at Whitecliff Bay.  It has been closed over the winter and only recently opened up again.  Although it was a bright and dry day, we encountered quite a few very muddy paths around Bembridge.   I enjoy meeting new people, and being able to talk to new people every week.  Everyone in the group is really friendly.  Some people bring their dogs along.


The Wonky Cafe is a hidden gem, and it literally is hidden!   You would never come across it by accident.  It is situated on Whitecliff Bay, south of Bembridge, and access to the cafe is by foot, via a footpath down a very steep hill behind a large holiday park.  It is known as the Wonky Cafe as it was originally a timber shack built at the bottom of a cliff, exposed to the elements.  In the past, it has almost been destroyed by wind and rain, and has been renovated several times, but has always been rebuilt.

So if I can manage a seven mile walk, with many uphill sections and lots of mud, then you can too!  Get out there and get walking!



8 thoughts on “Walking on the Isle of Wight

  1. As soon as the weather breaks, I’ll be walking again, I am a fair weather walker and Chicago has more than it’s share of lousy weather. So good of you to find a group to walk with. I’ll have to look into something like that. Don’t know if we have any in our area.

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