A brief tour of the Isle of Wight…..

Weekly Photo Challenge – Tour guide

What do you love about where you live…….?


We are currently living on the Isle of Wight, UK.  There’s lots of things I love about where I live, let me give you a guided tour…..

You might arrive by hovercraft – the IOW is the only place in the U.K. that has a passenger hovercraft in operation.


Ryde has a beautiful beach, with miles of golden sand.


Close to the beach is Appley Tower, a folly built in the 19th century.


If you carry on walking east along the beach, you will eventually come to the pretty village of Seaview.


Carrying on around  the coast, you will reach Bembridge, with its iconic lifeboat station.


Did you know that the island has its own little train, which runs from the end of Ryde pier, to Shanklin?


There is a fabulous walk from Shanklin to Sandown, along the beach or along the cliff top. You will pass many coloured beach huts.


– eventually you will get to Shanklin pier.


– or further inland,  you could visit the Donkey Sanctuary!


I hope you enjoyed your brief tour to the Isle of Wight!

Read some of my other posts about this lovely island herehereand here.

I found the idea for this blog post after reading Priorhouse who had participated in this photo challenge by showing us some brilliant photos of Richmond, Virginia – go and take a look!

7 thoughts on “A brief tour of the Isle of Wight…..

  1. I enjoyed that, although I do not know the southern side of the island so well. We spent many annual holidays around Freshwater, visiting the Tennyson downs and often being in Yarmouth. To my day there was no hovercraft, the first experiments were being carried out, and we took the ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth.


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