We bought a yacht and sailed to Greece…..

Exactly eight years ago this week, we bought a yacht. I thought I would remind myself of how much work we have done on her, and the adventures we have had. The first few photos were taken on the day we became the owners of Fandancer…


Fandancer had been in Gosport marina, untouched for over two years. She was built in 1973 in Ontario, Csnafa, and imported into the UK.


We had big plans to change the look of her stern…..


We lived aboard a Fandancer in the boatyard for over a year while we renovated her.

Almost everything on Fandancer was replaced. ……


Another lot of old pipes were taken to the rubbish dump….

The worst job was scraping dozens of layers of old paint from her hull…. it took three weeks to completely strip off the paint.


When the weather got better, we painted the decks.  They were originally a dreadful grey colour.  We painted them cream.


Here’s a before and after photo of her stern…..

– thats all for today, come back next time to see what happened next…..




7 thoughts on “We bought a yacht and sailed to Greece…..

  1. Such an exciting thing to do. We have friends who have been sailing the Med for 10 years. John spent 5 years refurbishing the yacht in East London, South Africa. It’s called Sondella. Perhaps you will come across John and Kim on your travels😊

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