Ten songs with ‘Monday’ in the title….

I thought this would be an easy thing to do, to think of ten songs, but I was wrong….. can you do it?


Blue Monday – New Order


New Moon on Monday – Duran Duran 


Monday Monday – Mamas and the Papas 


I don’t like Mondays – Boomtown Rats 


Manic Monday – The Bangles 



Monday Morning – Fleetwood Mac 


Rainy Days and Mondays – The Carpenters 

I can only think of these seven!   Can you add any more to my list?

A quick quiz for you……

Which song was released first?

How many of the groups were British?

Which song was the latest to be released?

Can you put all the above songs in the order they were released?


2 thoughts on “Ten songs with ‘Monday’ in the title….

  1. the mamas and the papas had to have been the first…then…maybe………..then the carpenters, fleetwood mac, then everyone else! lol So glad to see you back Georgie! I can’t think of any other Monday songs…the only Monday songs that pop into my head are either the M&P’s or carpenters songs…

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  2. Some fab songs here: New moon on…and Blue Mon absolute favourites. My Monday song of choice was always Friday on my Mind by the Easybeats, though technically although the line is ‘Monday I got Friday on my mind’, so I suppose it doesn’t count not being the title.


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