Announcing my A-Z theme…..

A few days ago I told you that I was going to partake in the A – Z challenge which runs throughout the month of April.  I haven’t done this before, but the idea is to write a new post every day for a month, starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet.


Apparently, it’s time to announce what my ‘theme’ for my challenge is going to be.  Looking at other bloggers’ themes, they all seem rather clever and intellectual, ranging from things like ‘poems about dead artists’, ‘new life – new mind’, ‘family memories’ to the more unusual ‘tidying the garage’, and ‘animal antics’.

So, what should I choose for my theme?  I was thinking of writing about ‘moving house’ as I’m an expert on this, having lived in 43 houses in my life.  Or – ‘kitchen renovation’ but I didn’t want to flood the blogsphere with photos of the Man In Red Boiler Suit…..


I was thinking of writing a daily recipe, or sewing hints, or a guide to the Isle of Wight.  All sounding rather boring, though.   I need something easy to write about, something which I know about, something people might be interested in…..


So – my theme for my A – Z challenge is – “Sailing in the Greek Islands”.

What do you think?

My first post for the letter A is going to be “Artemis – the luckiest cat in Greece”, so make sure you check in on Sunday…..


15 thoughts on “Announcing my A-Z theme…..

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