Photo Challenge – my favourite place – Osborne House

For this week’s photo challenge, the topic is My favourite place.

It’s almost impossible to choose one favourite place.   And it’s just as impossible to find a photo to go with it.   But I’ll have a go…..

We are currently living on the Isle of Wight for the winter.  One of my favourite places to visit is Osborne House, the home of Queen Victoria when she was on the island.


The majestic Osborne House


The recently restored Italian gardens


Prince Albert was heavily involved in the design of the building


The Swiss Cottage, where Victoria and Albert’s children learnt many skills


Queen Victoria’s bed, where she died in 1901


The beautiful Durbar Room, influenced by Victoria’s love of India


Queen Victoria’s private bathing hut which was wheeled into the sea


Here’s a recent post I wrote about QueenVictoria.  I find that period of history most interesting.

14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – my favourite place – Osborne House

  1. We visited Osbourne House each time we spent our annual summer holiday on the IOW. The bed of Queen Victoria brings back a memory.I remember there being a picture of Prince Albert on the headboard. I was on holiday and my school friend was also with me, a humerous cockney. When we saw the bed she said “Queen Victoria must have been a little woman.” One of the ladies who worked there was a little annoyed and said “For your information Queen Victoria was normally sized, it is the bed that makes her place look small”. I think we must have hurt her Victorian feelings.

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  2. well last year we watched the very well done documentary about your Queen V and so this post added to that backdrop for me.

    but you might laugh at this – when i saw the title of your post I at first thought of Ozzy Osbourne – lol

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