Quartet – the fabulous four….

If you need inspiration for a blog post or if your brain is empty, as mine often is, you can always look at the Daily Prompt which will arrive in your email inbox if you have signed up for it.   Today when I was scrolling through lots of junk emails from people trying to sell me things I don’t need, or holidays I can’t afford, I found today’s prompt, which is Quartet.

‘Quartet’ immediately made me think of my four grandchildren.  My greatest pleasure is when all four are with me at the same time.   As they get older, it’s getting harder and harder to take a good photo of them together, as they are very squirmy and wiggly…….

0C85C6D8-1AF4-46FE-AB18-F652253D0659The first photo was taken at Christmas, 2015.  The eldest two are just three, and the younger two are ten months and almost five months.


Four cousins together! The two boys are brothers, the girls are sisters.  The eldest boy and the eldest girl were born the same week, so I became a double Nanna.


Lucky to get a photo here!  One’s making an escape!

The two eldest ones started school last September.


Growing up fast! Last Summer……

Because we all live some distance apart, we all get together only four or five times a year, although I do see the families separately.  I’m hoping we can meet up sometime over Easter.  That’s my Fab Four Quartet!

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